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Fanzine: Can you say anything about this Facebook post of yours: ‘a generation of poets who don’t care about poetry’?

Spencer Madsen: Yeah I mean it seems like the quickly preceding generations of writers online (the most current being referred to as alt lit) gets younger and younger and farther and farther from the MFA/professorial world. Htmlgiant seems representative of an MFA-based community, to me, people who get excited about AWP conferences, etc. The poets writing all over Facebook and Tumblr right now in this alt lit thing, seem a lot less rooted in academia. I think that’s what I was trying to get at. It’s impossible to make generalizations about this community because it’s so loosely tied together, if tied at all, and it really just frays out and includes all kinds of people and writers and readers and artists and friends and relationships. But yeah, it does seem to me that people don’t care about poetry in the way that some people really care about poetry. Care really being emphasized and Poetry uttered with a kind of reverence, the P capitalized.

From Matthew Sherling’s Fanzine interview with Spencer Madsen. Towards a post-Poetry poetry?
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