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Banango is a literary blog that talks about exciting literature. We like to read stuff. We are also Banango Street, a literary journal. You can email us at banangolit (at) gmail (dot) com if you would like to send us stuff to look at, or you can send a link in our Ask box. We will try to look at it but we have learned to avoid making too many promises.

If you have questions that you would like answered in our monthly mailbag, email us at the above email address as well.

Also, email us if you feel like you would like to be a contributor for Banango. We would like that also.

Banango Writers

Justin Carter
Rachel Hyman
Matt Margo
Wallace Barker

Guest Posts
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Banango Street submissions are now open. Send us your fiction & poetry & translations & collaborations by March 31st.

Here is our Submittable page:

Here is our third issue, if you’d like to get a feel for the things we like:

We want complex emotion & innovative work. We want pieces of you.


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